Workshops & Classes


Spring Heart-Opening Healing Circle
Saturday, March 16th 2019, 6-8pm
$20 | Tricia's Home Studio

Spring is a time of fresh and fearless blooming... 

Join an intimate gathering (8-10 people) as we tend to the garden of our heart through sacred circle.  With open minds, together we deepen our capacity to heal and finding beauty and meaning in both challenge and joy.

With open hearts, we access our own inner guidance to understand where the greatest healing—in body, emotions, mind and spirit—can occur. 

In the company of compassionate community, we root into feeling safe and grounded, giving us nutrient rich fodder to fearlessly bloom our beauty and truths into the world.

Gift yourself with feeling deeply into you. Join us! All are welcome. 

Upon RSVP, a paypal link will be sent for pre-payment to ensure your spot. If you don’t have paypal, no worries, there are other ways and together we will figure it out. :)


Monthly Meditation
Last Sunday of the Month, 7-8pm
Suggested Donation: $5-20

Once a month, make space for your inner life to be felt, seen and heard. An hour in length, we will begin with a guided meditation followed by silent sitting and answering questions at the end. All levels welcome. This is a relaxed, chill experience.

Studies have shown that when 8 or more people come together with the intention to meditate (or, for example, send loving-kindness to a particular person/place), changes in our brainwaves and within a several mile radius can and do occur. This type of co-resonance is possible and it's a beautiful way to begin to tap into more fully of "being the change you want to see happen in the world." 

May all beings be happy and free!


The Courage To BE
March 17th, Sunday, 1-3pm
$35 | Tricia’s Home STudio

What does it mean, to “be”?
In our busy world, we have lives that are stacked up with things to do, accomplish, and check-off minute by minute. It’s part of the game of life!
And yet, we are not given anything that we cannot handle or do. We also have the gift of choice.

So, how can we “be", or tap into a place of deep inner-quiet more regularly? And why?

It’s in that place of inner stillness that we know. We know our selves, we know our next steps, we know our value, and we know Courage with a capital ‘C’. The deeper we go inside, the more vast we recognize ourselves as and all of life. Step through the doorway to living your most empowered, deep and abundant life.


Virtual Class (online or via phone)

A two part call-in series, Monday’s 3/18, and 3/25.

A 2 week course to cultivate inner peace, deep clarity, compassion and strength through our hearts. Fear, scarcity, victimization and disempowerment are learned responses. The point is unlearning our reactions of fear, rediscovering our true Selves, and loving what is. Come away with a deep appreciation for your self, your experiences, and the power of your beautiful heart.

Upon RSVP, a call in number and Zoom link will be sent to you a few days prior to the class. This class will be recorded to listen to at anytime.