“Tricia is an amazing meditation teacher. Working with heart energy in her meditation classes has opened up and emphasized my awareness, acceptance, compassion and deep channeling of divine love. I’m also more aware of my own heart energy which has helped have more compassion for myself. This has allowed me to let go more (trust) and access my innate compassion. Feelings are not only not scary anymore, but important, direct guidance in my life and my work.” —Nicole L.




Welcome to The Heart Wisdom Institute. In service to the awakening of humanity, we support, uplift, and guide to your greatest awareness within.

Current Courses & Workshops 


Tuesday Evening Meditation Group
8-9pm PST
Drop in fee of $10-? via Venmo or Paypal
: via Zoom on the web-- https://zoom.us/j/711972384
or via your phone +1 720 707 2699 US


Meditation Basics: beginning and establishing your meditation practice
Class runs monthly, $195

Interested in starting meditation? Have you begun meditation but find yourself unable to establish a fairly regular practice?


Advanced Meditation: going deeper into your practice
Class runs monthly, $195

A four week applied practice course, to support the meditation practitioner in deepening their inner connection.


Yoga Foundations class @ Om Base

Yoga Foundations at Om Base Studio

Yoga Foundations, Saturday mornings, 8-9:30 am

Find strength and freedom in your yoga practice through deeper understanding of alignment, body placement awareness, and breath. When we understand how our bodies work in a pose, we can expand our flexibility, strength and grow into new frontiers of possibility. With this increased body awareness, safety is created as we explore the depths of our practice in both body and mind. Come join our mindful class to expand your practice, to heal and develop leg stability, hip opening, lower body strength, the inner spiral and more. 


Everyday Enlightenment


Find inspiration, reconnect with your Self, and integrate spiritual principles into your everyday life. As a compassionate pause in our busy lives, these short podcasts aim to spark and reinvigorate the path of the light worker. Learn not only about powerful tools, but how to use them, and begin to see your life transform.

Through our willingness to be fully present in our daily experiences, our lives become our most significant spiritual practice and direct path to awakening.   


Deep Personal Inquiry

You have everything you need in this moment to take your next step. We often mistrust this information or believe it isn't available to us, falsely thinking it must come from an outside source. Our mental minds can often be so full of chatter, that we simply can't hear what's inside: Truth. Wisdom. Life. Purpose. 

You're looking for a radical shift in your life, a new found perspective that clarifies and amplifies your innate gifts in the world.  This is a deep journey home, connecting you to your core essence as a source of strength and trust you can rely on anytime, anywhere.