A Fall Photoshoot & Gratitude

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This weekend, I had the pleasure of photographing the beautiful Laurent family.  Their warm and loving personalities shine right through these images -- it was thrilling to be able to capture the true essence of this wonderful family.  Cameron and I met while studying to become holistic health counselors.  I lived in Portland and she here in Washington D.C.  Every week, we would have our check in call to support and spur each other on through lessons and life.  She's always felt like the sister I never had.

Now, many years later, we both are married with kids and still checking in.  Her (and Chris's!) insights are always insightful and grounding, helping me see other perspectives in order to move forward in life better equipped.  Everyone needs friend's like them -- non-judgmental containers who work hard at seeing the truth and gently nudge you in that direction.  They are invaluable friends whom I'm ever so grateful for.






Fall renewal

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Resetting has been a theme lately. Starting fresh. Wiping the slate clean. Forgiveness. Let's reset.

May this fall bring renewal and deep healing. May our heart's burst wide open, allowing us and our most cherished ones to warm themselves at our inner hearth. May we find peace amidst the busyness of daily life. Joy appears in the little things.

One of my favorite yoga teachers, Elena Brower said it so well:

Stay close to your soul family. Give your attention to a child. Listen to music. Dance. Write. Say I love you. Support someone unconditionally. Listen when you don't feel like it; listen really well. Move your body thoughtfully. Give affection and mean it. This prayer has no beginning and no end. May this transition into fall reveal to you what you already know, and may this season be nourishing and revitalizing for you. --Elena Brower

True, Kind & Necessary

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Is it true, kind and necessary? This question was posed in the book Simplicity Parenting, by Kim John Payne, pertaining to simple, kind speech. It's a filter meant to help us to speak less, but more consciously. It allows the true meaning of our words to come forth -- without any spin and counter-spin, noise or drama, they mean more.

The author jots down true.kind.necessary on his calendars or notebooks so he can carry them throughout the day. He notes "like everything worthwhile, it takes practice to consciously erect these filters somewhere between our minds and our mouths."

Like everything worthwhile...

Is it true? Is it kind? Is it necessary?