Soul work, angel cards and yoga. It's all connected.



As I shuffled the deck, I closed my eyes and dropped into my heart. Feeling the tingling in my chest center and out between my shoulder blades, I knew it was time to ask the question, for insight, or for guidance.

What I asked for was an angel card for you.

Galgaliel showed up. She is the angel of feelings, magnetic energy, and universal vibration.

Angel cards have been a part of my covert, special-ops spiritual practice for years. They help me get focused and then expand on an issue or problem. They also give me insight that I wouldn’t have been able to come by on my own.

But I don’t want this part of me to be covert or special-ops anymore. I'm officially making this an overt part of who I am---an everyday part of my life. Something so everyday that you could call me and say, “hey Tricia, I was thinking about such and such concerning our soul’s growth…” and we would carry on as easily as talking about the weather.

Talking about this deep part of myself was one of those things that I had perceived would make others uncomfortable. I’m not interested in putting this on anyone, by any means.

But what I am interested in is living my life congruently. Bringing to the surface and out into the open those things which I live and breathe daily. No more compartmentalizing or denying.

Bring on the congruence!

I invite you to take this info into your weekend and reflect on it’s message. Maybe even do the corresponding yoga pose to help move your energy into a better feeling place!



The Angel Card Let’s get back to Galgaliel---your angel of emotion and vibration.

Emotions create vibration. Think of a time when you were so angry you were shaking (a literal vibration). Or a time when you were so in love you felt invincible. All feelings give movement and momentum to creation. Feelings also cause us to have desires, which intensify our vibrations. This activates the principles of magnetic attraction that draw our desires to us.

The more we deny our feelings, deny parts of ourselves and living congruently, the more energetically dense we become. Slower. Harder to change. Afraid. These emotions of fear vibrate very slowly. Think of a time when you felt anxiety or simply fear. Did you feel it was possible to change and move forward? To do something to better the current situation? Sometimes when we are in that state of slow moving energy, it’s easier to spin and worry...and worry some more. Energy can not speed up into a higher vibration (or feeling better) unless we introduce higher vibrating feelings.

Galgaliel’s message is it’s time to reclaim our power by recovering our true feelings. This is done through emotional release---journaling, exercise, singing, chanting, crying really hard for as long as it takes to feel peace, calling a trusted friend. First, we must work to free and release those feelings. Soon, your powerful, inspired, life changing thoughts will then follow.

Sound is a powerful vibration that helps move energy effectively. Try finding a quiet space and just making different sounds. Open your mouth wide, then start making a low sound gradually going into higher sounds---like a backwards sigh. If a particular sound wants to be made heard, don’t try to force yourself to keep exploring different sounds. Stick with it. This is particular energy ready for release.

Recently, I was doing an energy healing meditation for myself and found myself needing to make a certain long, drawn out sound during the “silent” part. It just kept coming and felt good. Once I got over the “hey wait, what? I’m not supposed to be doing it like this!” part and just went with it, I felt calmer---smoother---and full of life energy (as opposed to a caffeine energy that’s more jumpy) than I had in a long, long time.

The easiest time to begin a release is when something has just gone wrong and you find yourself upset. Go for it. Get upset. Find an appropriate outlet (see the suggestions above) and let it out!

“The power and intensity of negative emotions provide fuel to burn through the rigid structure that has been controlling the flow of energy and vibrations, both in our bodies and out into the world. “ ---Kimberly Marooney

Let those repressed feelings and thoughts go. Make room for a new, higher vibration (also known as a better feeling!) energy. Your higher vibration will magnetically attract more of what you actually want. Imagine! So let yourself be you. Let those old, slow churning, black-hole-leaving feelings out. Express them. Witness them. Thank them. Then, let yourself be filled with the high vibrating energy that you already are.

Soon, you’ll start to see things shift. Friends who you can truly connect with will show up. A new and wonderful job opportunity may appear. New ideas that inspire you will start forming. A new mate or a more meaningful relationship with your current mate will manifest. You may come across your perfect living situation.

This won’t all happen overnight. But if we start the process of unblocking and uncensoring ourselves now, living overtly and congruently day by day, what we want will take shape.

It will happen.

The Yoga Pose Wheel pose will help get your energy moving in unexpected ways. Because of the nature of this pose---where the entire front of our body is opened up---it’s assisting us in moving energy through all seven chakras.

Notice if there’s any spot in your body that feels hard---like there’s a pit or a knot. For me, this has recently been in my solar plexus (right where your rib cage meets above your stomach) and throat. Focus on breathing into and opening up those areas. Intentionally send your breath there by saying as you inhale “I am breathing into X place that feels heavy/blocked/like a pit/etc. and I am exhaling that block out…” Repeat until you feel a resounding "yes! it's cleared."

Do the wheel 3-5 times while working on breathing into your emotional/energetic knots. Then just lay there in shivasina or corpse pose for five minutes (or longer!). Notice any differences or shifts. Feel free to do the wheel more or less as needed!