Hello, Vermont

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Last weekend, we took a wonderful family trip up to Vermont. Leaf peeping, dairy farms, craft breweries, and lots of fresh air -- as the first Martin-Owen family vacation, it was exactly what we needed. As parents, it was empowering; as humans, it was rejuvenating; and as a couple, it was refreshing.

Our favorite part of the trip -- other than the overall idyllic scenery, no crowds or traffic, and fantastic, homemade food -- was Shelburne Farms. It's a 1,400 acre working farm, forest, and national historic landmark on the lake shores of Lake Champlain. They are also a non-profit who's mission is to educate via their working farm for a sustainable future. Little Mister pet a cow named Elsa and a rooster named Jerry. We ate at the Farm Cart, played on a tractor, hiked to a gorgeous overlook and ate fresh cheese from Shelburne Farm's Dairy.

We also made a stop to Shelburne Museum. A landmark in and of itself, (and only connected to Shelburne Farms via marriage -- it's a complicated web of familial ties but they are not the same organization) it is a collection of historic buildings from all over Vermont. Taken apart, shipped and put back together on the Shelburne Museum property, it's like a tiny, very random town with homes, barns, schools, churches, and other buildings built from the early 1800's through the 1960's. The old printing press is still working and they create new prints today.

Oh Vermont, I miss you already!

IMG_5398Even a reconstructed Ferry that used to run across Lake Champlain is part of the "buildings" collection at Shelburne Museum.



Part of the old school house, original lessons hung from the wall.



The Owl house (above two photos) was an old cabin redone so the inside was a children's play room (Shelburne Museum). Filled with wooden toys, play silks and dress ups, art supplies and make believe everywhere, it was impressive. Little Mister had a great time!



The original printing press at Shelburn Museum, still in use today.





The view point overlooking the original house of Shelburne Farms, now an inn. It was breathtaking!


The Farm Cart at Shelburne Farms in the courtyard of the Farm Barn. Amazing food!


Little Mister petting Jerry the Rooster.  We both had a close eye on Jerry in case he had any funny business in mind, but all he wanted to was to be pet -- like a puppy!




A view of the Farm Barm at Shelburne Farms on the mile hike in from the entrance. The Farm Barn hosts Shelburne Cheese makers, O Bread Bakery, the Farm Cart and the farm's animals.






Of course we made a stop to Ben & Jerry's factory for ice cream!