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Recently, I've been having some loving and lovely heartfelt conversations with fellow parents. It's been so nourishing and restorative on so many levels, helping me put space and perspective on the intensities that can arise from the day to day of new family life. I have so much serious gratitude for these snippets of conversation, these moments of heart connection, that it's spurred a (much appreciated) shift of things inwardly. Since Little Mister came along, I've been pretty adamant about finding and connecting with other parents who I would be friends with even if we didn't have kids. For me, the quality of my daily interactions makes a huge impact on my overall wellbeing.

Getting outside as much as possible, play, real connection, healthful food, good great literature/stories that expand my horizons, nourish my soul and inspire me to be a better person--these are my necessities in life. It's reassuring to have a short list to go back to, lest I forget.