Fall Plantings

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Today, we planted our garden with Martha for the fall harvest. Two types of kale, lettuces, brussels sprouts, beets, English thyme, and cilantro were all put into the ground. Rainbow chard will make it's way into the garden at some point, too.

Little Mister took on all tasks with complete gusto. He oversaw the plantings, helped with dirt moving, crawled through plants to make sure everything was in right order, and directed the watering.

There is a nice little verse I found in Beyond the Rainbow Bridge, by Barbara Patterson, called Snack Blessing. Although it's meant for reciting together as a group in Waldorf Kindergarten's before snack, it is universal in it's message of gratitude. Earth who gives to us this food Sun who makes it ripe and good Dear Sun, Dear Earth by you we live And loving thanks to you we give.

So kind and sweet.