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The Hawk Totem and Empowerment Sessions


As I lay on the grass, I saw something out of the corner of my eye. The late-may sun washed it’s bright, noon light over the foothills, giving the trees, vineyards and rolling grasses a vibrancy as if they were lit up from the inside.

Oh! There it was again. Squinting my eyes and covering my hand over my eyebrows, I saw it: a hawk. Close by were two more. Focusing, I realized they weren’t looking for prey, but they were in deliberate motion. Flying in sync but at a distance with one another, they covered at least a square mile. They were dancing.

Three birds quickly turned to seven, which turned into at least thirty. They were coming from all directions, joining together in a massive, mile long circle that funneled upwards into the sky. They weren't circling as if for prey, eyes on the ground---but they were reaching up, flying higher and higher. It was deliberate. And beautiful.

And fly they did. They soared. They soared so high that the birds at the very top of the swirling mass were barely visible. They became pinpricks of light and dust, reaching even higher than a moment ago, towards the heavens. I was transfixed.

What is going on? I thought.

And I kept seeing them. Everyday, driving to and from class. At lunch. In the trees. There they were. Watching---quite literally---like hawks.

The universe speaks to us in metaphors. I believe that if we are seeing something, hearing something, noticing something over and over and over---it’s a message.

Turns out, the hawk totem animal means a lot of what I have been working on---especially over Memorial Day weekend---while I was out in the beautiful foothills seeing them every day.

The hawk’s presence is telling us to focus, to be less distracted by the details and focus on the higher perspective. Being able to fly so high, the hawk gives us the ability to see what’s ahead clearly and overcome any obstacles that may be in the way.

According to native american traditions, it’s also a messenger from the spirit world, or the world unseen. When it appears, it’s often a symbol of rapid spiritual development and the sharpening of our natural intuition.

Well, then. When I found this out, I literally laughed out loud.

I was seeing hawks everywhere the very weekend I was getting my certification as an energy therapist!

As a yoga teacher and wellness coach, I’ve seen first hand how energy plays such a key role in our overall wellbeing. It’s also the foundation of accupressure, accupuncture, kundalini yoga, Tai Chi, Reiki and countless other ancient-but-now-modern methods of caring for our health.

The form of energy therapy that I’m certified in is called Integrated Energy Therapy. I was drawn to it because it utilizes the immense power of the heart in conjunction with universal energy to facilitate and promote deep healing. IET’s main focus is also on healing the emotional, spiritual and karmic energies we carry with us---versus primarily healing on a physical level, such as the methods I mentioned above.

Energy therapy is a powerful tool which can help remove “ issues from your tissues.” Our bodies are made up of vibrating atoms, which create cells, which create organs and everything else that makes up our physical selves. We are, in essence, a big ball of energy! I know, I know, it doesn’t feel that way all the time (trust me, I get this. I have a toddler!). But at our core, we are all made up of the same atomic particles as everything else in the universe. It still blows my mind.

We are connected. To each other. To everything.

It’s profound and beautiful.

Energy can stagnate in our bodies, causing blockages. Common causes of energy blockages are: physical trauma, emotional trauma, disease, surgery, prolonged exhaustion, high levels of stress, suppressed feelings, fear, and self-limiting thoughts.

As humans, we encounter many of these challenges. All of us also have the ability to naturally heal ourselves. As an energy therapist, I work to facilitate the body’s natural ability to establish and maintain clear, open energy channels in the body. But it’s you and your body that is doing the actual healing.