Awakening and Integration


What does it mean to awaken? What happens as we awaken--what does that process look like? In today's episode, I give a generalized outline of what awakening and integration look and feel like for us. The four main stages: awakening, seeking, connecting, and finally, total embodiment are meant to be a guideline with an understanding that there are many nuances throughout--because each of us are individuals on our own journey's. As we integrate, it can feel scary and deeply challenging because it's so new. The newness is so deep in fact, that we feel like we're literally in the dark. Our eyes, hearts, minds, and feelings have never before experienced much of what is occurring, therefore giving us nothing to base these experiences on and giving the impression we are in the dark. As we move through our integration, we become more and more accustomed to what's happening through practices such as compassion, meditation, tai chi and yoga, to name a few.