Privilege and Courage

everyday enlightenment

In today's episode, privilege and courage are discussed in the aftermath of recent hate crimes and racist protest in the U.S.  As a white woman myself, I know first hand the courage it takes to acknowledge this, as well as questioning what it is I am doing with that privilege. There's no one perfect answer for us all, but the beauty is that we all have our own individual answers. With millions of us taking responsibility for what courage means for us, and then taking small steps to act out that courage in our worlds and the world at large, we create momentum in disabling racism and hate from the ground up. But it takes masses--many of us doing what it takes in our own way, in our own lives, to create a greater change. My intention is to continue this conversation many have been having on their own or in small circles around the globe. I want to see this topic get more traction, insighting deeper personal inquiry into what each of us can do on a daily basis. Perhaps for some, it is an act of courage to listen to these types of conversations at all. Whatever your flavor of courage is, keep going. The world needs you. (Side Note: my puppy and dog were playing in the room next door with squeaker toys! Throughout the podcast, you may hear random squeaking---it's my dogs playing and the universe saying, there's always two sides to every reality!).