Personal Responsibility and Spirituality: Ho'oponopono


The ancient Hawaiian Kahuna culture has been teaching and living a spiritual practice known as Ho'oponopono since, according to their tradition, the beginning of time. And it is a timeless, universal practice. Combining compassion, forgiveness and love, the practice of Ho'oponopono (translating to: I'm sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you) is self-directed for healing old wounds which create suffering in our present lives. It's another tool in our tool box for turning our gaze inward to heal both what's inside as well as manifest our soul's calling in our lives today.

When life presents us with situations that are challenging, creating suffering, it is asking us to turn to the root cause of the pain--the moment in your life, usually as a child, when we made a connection to believing in something limiting, hurtful, fearful and victimizing. As we practice true compassion, or other practices like Ho'oponopono, we begin to unravel those beliefs deeply, inside our brains, and our world literally transforms around us. 

For some of us, when we come across teachings such as compassion that are so powerful and true, we are excited and may try them a little, but deep down don't really believe they will work for us. As someone who completely understands this and went through similar blocks, I encourage and urge you to keep trying with a self-compassion practice. Next podcast I'll be giving a step-by-step of how I send compassion to myself that has worked deeply. In the meantime, he practice of Ho'oponopono is a great place to start (and continue with) on our journey to connecting with and living from our soul's purpose.