An Awakened Path:

A Spiritual Foundations Course Based In Love


An Awakened Path: A Loving Foundation for Spiritual Intelligence


Our daily lives give us the perfect scenarios for our awakening. We encounter exactly what we need, every day, for our own spiritual growth, inner development and integration. No need to go live in a cave, our modern lives--exactly as they are--create our uniquely designed classroom, specifically for our own spiritual evolution. 

Emotions, stresses, triggers, and situations that repeat themselves throughout our lives are guideposts, pointing us toward what it is we need to integrate. Through mindfulness practices, meditation, shadow work and listening practices, we can begin to unravel ourselves from believing we are our thoughts and begin living free from past conditioning. 

With integration comes wholeness, or embodiment. Integration helps us learn how to take responsibility for our lives by learning how to respond to life, rather than react. As we take responsibility, we move ourselves and the planet towards a continuous and more consistent awakened state.  

Thoughts create feelings. It is our feelings that drive us to act. Our actions are the direct result of choice. This is how we create our lives.

Conscious, personal growth demands the development of mental focus. Expanding and refining our mind/body connection are the foundational skills for Spiritual Evolution and a major step towards Self-Mastery.

Becoming aware of our thoughts gives us space to choose those thoughts. Developing discernment of thoughts, as well as feelings and experiences, within our inner-landscape is crucial for personal growth and awakening.


Class 1: An Awakened Path

Common and uncommon signs of awakening
Mind, Will, and Intention
Understanding the power of Listening
Cultivating a regular mindfulness practice
Mindfulness in relationship to our daily lives—life as our mirror
Life is always communicating to us


Class 2: Cultivating A New Reality

Mindful eating
Coherent breathing
Our inner child
Functions of mindfulness
Practicing Presence with our inner child
Strengthening your base, growing strong roots
Daily life as the spiritual practice


Class 3: Developing Discernment and Understanding Intuition

Reacting vs. Responding
Learning how to fully trust our selves
Synchronization of mind, body, thoughts, and emotions
Respect and Awakening
Congruency between word and action
What it means to connect with a “guide”


Class 4: The Ultimate Spiritual Act: Forgiveness

Deepening our understanding of life as spiritual practice
Developing compassion for self and others
Continuing work on trusting our intuition and higher Selves


Class 5: Conscious Communication

Relationships as our Mirrors
Vulnerability with Self and others
Mindfulness in communication
Listening to self and other
Healthy boundaries and limit setting


Class 6: Integration

Manifestation and co-creating with the universe
Empowerment through the Heart
Difference between self-kindness, self-compassion, and self-cherishing


ALL ARE WELCOME no matter where you are in your journey physically, financially, relationally or spiritually. 
Cost: $50 per class or one payment of $250 for Part 1.

Course Content Includes:

  • four+ hours a month of class lecture time with a group of like-minded souls on a similar journey

  • unlimited email questions to Tricia during the course

  • connecting and building a relationship with a stay listening partner and spiritual buddy

  • The course builds on itself. Throughout, we will be learning, practicing and integrating deep mindfulness, meditation, and mind/body tools along with esoteric knowledge.

  • Each meeting we will explore topics that build upon each other throughout the course. Upon completion, you will be equipped with both practical and profound knowledge, tools and personal empowerment. 

Time Commitment: Approximately 5-10 hours per monthWe meet Wednesdays, 7-9pm9/26, 10/10, 10/17, 11/7, 11/21, 12/5There are readings and practices to do in between classes.