The Re:Frame Work

Reframe — to frame or express (words or concepts or plans) differently


Re:Frame your relationship with yourself and your life. Renew your sense of self-worth, discover the meaning of true self-care (it’s not what you think), and unblock obstacles. Overcome triggers big and small, and experience your transformational freedom.

Re:frame your life by releasing shame and guilt, uniting all aspects of yourself together, and creating a truly unshakeable foundation.

The Re:Frame Work is a combination of neuroscience, psychology, mindfulness and non-dual spiritual practice. This process expands the wisdom of the heart. Through The Re:frame Work and the daily Re:framework practice, begin living from your deepest inner-strength and actualize your true potential.

Work with Tricia directly as she guides you along the re:framework path. You will learn how to:

  • unblock yourself so you can confidently move forward creating your life as you envision.

  • find freedom from shame and triggers.

  • reprogram old, false beliefs that were “programmed” from childhood.

  • manifest new career, love, money and anything your hearts desire.

Throughout the process, you’ll have the invaluable support one-on-one with Tricia. Along with being guided through the process, she uses her energetic gifts to calm overactive nervous systems and connect you more deeply to your true nature.

$180 per session with a four session minimum

Contact Tricia directly to schedule. Facetime and Zoom are available for distance work.


The Re:Frame Work

Simply and powerfully transform your beliefs and live the life of your dreams.

  • Learn about subconscious reprogramming and why it works.

  • Master a simple mind-body tool that can answer all your questions accurately every single time.

  • Discover how energy psychology works.

  • Rewire your neural pathways and replace old, false beliefs with new, empowered beliefs.


Daily Re:Framework Practice

A daily practice to combat triggers and reactivity as they arise, ultimately living in response and choice.

  • Create and commit to a daily practice that supports your personal development and creation of new neural pathways.

  • Learn about the powerful tools you have already at your disposal—then use them.

  • Your go-to practice for unblocking old patterns and overcoming false beliefs.