The Re:Frame Work

Reframe — to frame or express (words or concepts or plans) differently

Re:Frame your relationship with yourself and your life. Renew your sense of self-worth, discover the meaning of true self-care (it’s not what you think), and unblock obstacles. Overcome triggers big and small, and experience your transformational freedom.

Re:frame your life by releasing shame and guilt, uniting all aspects of yourself together, and creating a truly unshakeable foundation.


“This work is layered and takes time. We, as humans, are layered and have a lifetime of experiences behind us. The brain needs time to practice new beliefs and implement the new changes we are making.

I love the re:framework because it grows with me as I continue to decondition, step more into my authentic worth, and uplevel my life. I use pieces of the re:framework daily, and when I’m wanting to fully surrender an old pattern that has recently been revealed, I take 45 minutes and do the full work.”

Work With Tricia

Work with Tricia directly as she guides you along the re:framework path. You will learn how to:

  • unblock yourself so you can confidently move forward creating your life as you envision.

  • find freedom from shame and triggers.

  • reprogram old, false beliefs that were “programmed” from childhood.

  • unblock old patterns and false beliefs,

  • manifest your authentic wants/needs

Throughout the process, you’ll have the invaluable support one-on-one with Tricia. Along with being guided through the process, she uses her energetic gifts to calm an overactive nervous system and connect you more deeply to your true nature.

This work isn’t for the faint of heart. Are you ready to rise up into your best life? Burn away old, false beliefs? To experience heart-expanding change?

Choose your adventure below.

Wanting to see if this is a good fit? Come away with clarity and some tools? Schedule a half hour Gateway Session.

Ready to fully immerse yourself? Schedule a Re:Framework Session.

Available Sessions

Gateway Session (30 mins)

A Gateway Session is the perfect solution to getting clarity on whether this is the work for you at this time, or not. The Re:Framework is a powerful tool for deep--sometimes disruptive--change. It's often the things that we want most, that we shy away from because we would have to "disrupt" other parts of our lives that we've become otherwise comfortable with. Not always, but it does happen.

The Gateway Session gives us a chance to explore that and figure out how ready you are for the change you seek. There is no right or wrong, there is no judgment, and there is not a perfect way to go about your life. This is an opportunity for clarity and understanding where the work can take you, before you take the plunge.

Transparency is important. Trauma can happen in work like this if we are not super honest with ourselves with just how ready we are for real, deep, transformation and metamorphosis. And if we're not ready? No shame at all. We just had an awesome conversation with a few takeaways for you to chew on. It's a win.

Here's to your big heart, your bravery, and your passion for burning up what no longer serves you!

Re:Framework Session (60 minutes)

We've either done a Gateway Session and you're ready to dive deep. Or, you know in your heart you are ready for this deep change you're seeking.

We will swim out far from shore into deep waters during this hour together. But I'm your boat and have been in these waters more times than you can count, so you are safe.

Once we discover what's in those deep waters, we'll bring them back in the boat to shore and throw them in a totally transformative and healing fire. It's time to burn those old, false beliefs while also honoring their purpose in the first place. Let's offer them up AND move beyond them, once and for all.

Your bravery is palpable. Your heart is felt. Your gifts are waiting for you just on the other side. Let's do this. Together.

What to expect during our first four sessions together:

  • Full deep dive into your areas of concern for the Re:framework

  • Clear, easy to do practices for each week including:

    •  breathing exercise, 

    • Deep Connecting meditation that takes 5 minutes or less to get you into a space of ease and clarity. Find answers within for life issues, quickly and easily.

  • Applied Kinesiology methods to rebuild your trust muscle to your intuition

  • Guided meditation recording for reprogramming subconscious patterns

  • An easy to use acupressure method that rewires your brain into harmonic patterning, releasing our old, false beliefs that drive us to relive old patterns from the past, today in the present. Frees us to choose our authentic wants/needs, rather than unknowingly repeating patterns we learned in early childhood.


The Re:Frame Work

Simply and powerfully transform your beliefs and live the life of your dreams.

  • Learn about subconscious reprogramming and why it works.

  • Master a simple mind-body tool that can answer all your questions accurately every single time.

  • Discover how energy psychology works.

  • Rewire your neural pathways and replace old, false beliefs with new, empowered beliefs.


Daily Re:Framework Practice

A daily practice to combat triggers and reactivity as they arise, ultimately living in response and choice.

  • Create and commit to a daily practice that supports your personal development and creation of new neural pathways.

  • Learn about the powerful tools you have already at your disposal—then use them.

  • Your go-to practice for unblocking old patterns and overcoming false beliefs.