The Somatic Approach 

"An emotion is your body's reaction to your mind." —Eckhart Tolle


Our bodies convey and absorb our entire lives. We live our lives through our bodies, and our lives are embedded within us.  It's where our deepest knowing resides: discernment between what's right and wrong for us, our memories, and how we honestly feel about ourselves.  The answers to our life's biggest questions are all there, within. 

When we can access the wisdom of our heart, we will have connected our body with our mind. Finally, our mind has been put to a useful purpose. Worry, anxiety, and bouncing thoughts were not our mind's intended purpose--as much as it would like you to "think" otherwise!

Some questions to contemplate:

What can smell tell us about what our body needs and already knows?
Why does my right hip hurt whenever my inner critic takes over the driver's seat in my life?
What does love taste like?
Where in my body do I feel empowerment? Fear? Joy?
What do I do to restrain myself from acting and moving as I'd naturally like?
Why do healing crystal bowls work? 

Workshops are playful explorations of our sensory connection to the world around us and our world within.  Workshop activities help us to connect with different aspects of ourselves, learn through our bodies, respect the information our bodies hold, and create an internal space for mindful self-compassion. 

“Your body is the physical record of your life story as you’ve lived it until today.”
                                                                                                    —Deepak Chopra