Awakening Your Wise Heart

Awakening Your Wise Heart

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Conscious, personal growth demands the development of mental focus. Expanding and refining our mind/body connection are the foundational skills for Spiritual Evolution and a major step towards Self-Mastery.

Thoughts create feelings. It is our feelings that drive us to act. Our actions are the direct result of our choices. This is how we create our lives.

Becoming aware of our thoughts gives us space to choose those thoughts. Developing discernment of thoughts, as well as feelings and experiences, within our inner-landscape is crucial for personal growth and awakening.

This six month course offers:
+ empowering tools to reconnect you with your Truth and purpose
+ a framework to begin living your inner integrity, outwardly
+ mind/body practices to facilitate integrating all aspects of your Self
+ development of deep, personal discernment: what is and isn’t true for you

If what is learned is regularly integrated into daily life, you may experience:
+ knowing exactly who you are, what you are, and how you serve
+ less fear and anxiety + unconditional love and compassion
+ improved relationships, career, lifestyle
+ deep, personal empowerment

Paid In Full: $333
Payment Option: two payments of $180, the first and fifth class
Deposit: $50 to reserve your spot and goes towards your payment in full

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