Rooted, Open & Free

Women’s Soul Healing and Empowerment Retreat

Bend OR | April 26-28th


Retreat into the heart of Oregon and immerse yourself in sacred circle with Three days of sacred ceremonyinner alchemybreath-workenergy medicine, women's circle, and the magic of sisterhood

Join our intimate gathering of 8-12 women as we wrap the cloak of compassion around us, discovering our most Rooted, Open, and Free lives.

Our Time Together

Rooted: When we are rooted in our Self we are more conscious in our choices for our lives. It’s the first act of deep self-love and self-care, finding and rooting into what nourishes you on a soul level.

Open: With a solid, rooted foundation, anything is possible. We feel safe to open up to possibilities we may have been afraid of before. We begin to see, experience and grow into our most joyful, loving Self and lives.

Free: A safe foundation and an openness to possibility creates unbounded freedom. Our hearts are open and trusting of what the universe has in store while we discover we are supported in each step through the Divine Mother, allowing us to fly free in our lives. When we are free, we are unhooked—we know and value our responsibilities because we have chosen (and perhaps rechosen) them—yet they do not control us. Control is a feeling of the past in freedom. Love is the feeling of freedom.

This sacred circle alchemical immersion is equal parts Deep Soul Work and Retreat.

Retreat in the sense that we will nourish and tend to the emotional, mental, physical, and energetic bodies… stepping out of the day-to-day and steeping ourselves in the richness, re-membering, re-vitalizing, and deep re-sourcing that comes when we allow ourselves to simply BE. In this way, we slow down and flow with the truth of who we are.

Deep soul work in that every moment is an opportunity for transformation. We will be in ceremony, journey, inner transformation, reflection, and revelation each day… rooting ourselves in the embodied re-membering of our essence of Freedom. Not by way of spiritual bypassing, rather in a deeply practical and tangible sense.

  • Revere one of the worlds oldest Ponderosa Pines while absorbing in its 1000 year energy and wisdom

  • Learn how to listen to our personal messages from the Universe through nature

  • Connect with a personal crystal and discover the joy of divine healing and divine beauty through this gift of the earth

  • Explore the energetics of food as a tool for personal reflection

  • Breakthrough to new levels of being through breath work 

  • Learn the joy of deeply listening, a transformative skill in your relationships with others and self and in your life at large

We step across the threshold in to our sacred immersion on Friday April 26th at 3:00p.m. and we will be ‘in circle’ for our entire time together. We will presence into our own heart/soul wisdom, root in to the heart of the arid landscape of Bend, and deepen in sister connection. Tuning inward, we will reflect and align with our innate wisdom. After an evening meal where we’ve immersed ourselves in the energetics of food, we will gather around the fire. A goodnight meditation will complete our first day together.

After a light breakfast, we begin our day at 9a.m. with connecting to Gaia, Mother Earth, through our crystal and energy work. Our crystal as teacher and reminder of presence will accompany us throughout the journey of the day. We will experience listening to our hearts and each other’s hearts through words, thoughts, and deeds. We will learn to listen to nature and it’s abundance of wisdom shared with us through revering a thousand year old Ponderosa Pine and a soul-journey hike. Meet one or several of your spirit animals and bask in the BEingness nature gifts us. After, we come together and prepare an evening meal. We commence the day around the fire with a release to receive healing ritual.

After light breakfast, we begin our day at 9a.m. with transforming our ask into reality. Feeling into a statement we claim in the world, we begin to manifest cell by cell what we envision in our lives to be. Clarity. Clearing. Completion. Connection. Integration. Wisdom. These will be the core energetics of our final day together. We will re-emerge from our circle’s threshold on Sunday April 28th at 12 noon as Rooted, Opened, Aligned, Re-Sourced, Nourished, Radiant, and Free.

In this circle, we know it is safe to take off all masks and it is safe to be seen.

In this circle, we honor and respect all aspects of our scared journey of the heart.

In this circle, we reconnect with our deepest selves, our true nature, our heart, our sisters, our soul.

In this circle, we gather in wisdom, honored and grateful to witness the transformation of our selves and each other on the great journey of divine love unfolding throughout our lives and the universe. So be it.

“May divine love awaken the fullness of spiritual connection in the hearts of all living beings. According to compassion and in service to the great divine plan of love unfolding, so be it.”

–Alana Fairchild and St. Germain

Your Investment in YOU Includes:


All circles, ceremonies, energy work, workshops and activities

2 Dinners, 2 light breakfasts, and snacks

Creating and deepening soul-sister connections

Expanding your relationship with self-love and self-healing

A Spiritual Take-home Bag

  • one beautiful, hard bound journal

  • a personalized crystal 

  • and oracle cards

Accommodations, lunches, and transportation to Bend are not included and are the responsibility of all attendees.

Cost: $400
A Deposit of $200 by March 15th, with the balance due by April 1st. 
Attendees will be notified by March 16th if 8-person minimum is not met, and all deposits will be refunded.


About Tricia…

Tricia Martin-Owen is a spiritual teacher and highly-attuned empathic healer. Her down to earth teachings create a wonderful passageway into the journey of the heart. Using her direct abilities of seeing, hearing, feeling and direct knowing, Tricia is able to untangle the confusing, assist in healing, and bring seekers home to themselves, their true divine nature. Tricia’s teachings and co-resonant vibration assist the energetically-sensitive being in awakening and transforming their reality through love and compassion.