Re:Frame Work Foundations


Step by step foundations course for re:framing your life

The Re:Frame Work Foundations course is a step by step framework to translate the possibilities of our minds into the reality of our world. We are the creators of our own universe—it takes presence and elbow-grease to make those changes, respond authentically to any situation, and manifest what we want.

In this course, you will be lead through understanding the innate wisdom of our body through muscle testing, reprogram self-worth through a profound energy psychology practice, and experience deep internal shifts at any time through breath. Also included is a transformative hypnotic meditation to reprogram your neural pathways from old, false beliefs into updated, helpful beliefs.

To integrate the material, you’ll pick a personal subject you’re wanting to unblock as Tricia walks you through step by step. You’ll begin doing the daily re:frame work practice to remove the obstacles and negative patterns in your life.

Workshop Includes the following:

5 days of workshop content

journal prompts

3 hypnotic, rewiring meditations

up to 60 minutes a day of content + exercises

What’s the time investment?

You can do all the modules in one day; however, we suggest you revisit it once a week for the first month or two, then once every two weeks thereafter. You will also be doing the daily re:frame work practice for approximately 20 minutes a day or every other day.

At the end of this course, you will have a solid foundation and framework to build from in tackling any of your most pressing triggers and blocks. You’ll come away with scientifically proven tools to move you through even your most tricky energetic patterns—and a better understanding of your most authentic self.

Access anytime that is convenient for you—all you need is your digital device, a quiet space, a journal, and pen.