Photo by Hudson Gardner

Photo by Hudson Gardner


Tricia is a spiritual teacher of compassion and integrity, the cornerstones of healing, empowerment and transcendence. She supports people in emerging from suffering and confusion into the knowing and light of their higher Selves.  Miracles happen when we understand how to regularly connect to our heart center, applying the practice of compassion.

She is the founder of Integral Compassion, a simple yet profound practice that heals our deepest wounds promoting powerful shifts in love, money, physicality and spirituality. Integral Compassion employs not only our hearts, but also our brains, creating new neural pathways (a good thing!). It’s a holistic, somatic approach to understanding, finding, honing and receiving the endless power of compassion.

Prior to becoming a spiritual teacher, Tricia worked as a graphic designer, photographer, and yoga instructor. She holds a B.S. in Community and Urban Planning from the University of Cincinnati, and an M.F.A in Visual Studies and Design from The Pacific Northwest College of Art. She is a certified in yoga, health coaching, energy therapy and Hakomi somatic mindfulness.

While working in the creative field and trying very hard to maintain a western status quo and facade, she was simultaneously receiving training from her spiritual teacher, experiencing several spiritual awakenings, and questioning everything. Part of Tricia’s journey was to undergo profoundly challenging life experiences, seemingly alone, in order to facilitate integration and evolution into her highest Self. 

Drawing upon unique wisdom and deep knowledge from alleviating suffering, Tricia brings a new voice to the world of self-help, personal transformation and healing. Through teaching how to integrate our higher Selves with our everyday lives, she shows us how to cultivate a foundation to live a life of integrity and courage.  

She currently resides in Portland, OR with her husband, son and two dogs (Olivia and Rosie).