“In mindfulness, there is no intention to control what happens next. It is a deliberate relinquishing of control...a way to practice surrendering. It’s a deliberate vulnerability, a chosen sensitivity...where one focuses inward on the flow of one’s experience.”   — Ron Kurtz


Practicing mindfulness allows us to see things as they truly are in our world. Suddenly our self, our partner, our families, career, health, finances, and life become clearer. We've left the ego's filter behind and can finally see the truth. It's a bold move, one that inevitably surprises, delights, and moves us into directions we never thought possible. What a gift and it's something we can all access directly through our own body, mind, and experience.  

Mindfulness is the foundation of every aspect I teach; it's the framework for powerful connection and understanding. When we understand our selves, we become our own master. The triggers, fears, and unknowns that can sideswipe us out of nowhere become less and less frequent until we've reached a strong and healthy equilibrium.   

Students and clients alike are all exposed to mindfulness; within the container of our work together, they learn how to personalize and nurture their practice.  

Ultimately, through mindfulness we practice vulnerability. We practice self-compassion. We notice ourselves. We discover parts of our selves we may have shelved long ago and who have been begging, or crying, to come out to play for decades. We feel again.  We discover our gifts, uniqueness, sameness, and purpose.  All of that is within us.  It's simply up to us to look.