Welcome to The Heart Wisdom Journal

The Heart Wisdom Institute arose out of a need for accessible and simple tools for deep and long lasting, personal change. On my own journey, it took me a long time to accept that it was me—and no one or anything else—that can change my life. This meant I had to do the deep work of accepting: accepting myself and accepting my own power as a human being. I fought this process of acceptance fiercely, pretty much the whole way through.

And a process it was. Because I was deconditioning so much fear out of my body, mind, and life, it took me baby steps even to begin to think about myself as an autonomous, responsible human, capable of anything I put my mind to. That last part, especially—it sounded too close to woo-woo for me.

My personality wants things to happen quickly and easily. And while they can when I’m living from my authentic core, they can not when I am living from fear. So the (what felt like an excruciatingly) slow, personal evolution I partook in was compounded by the fact that “I didn’t like the speed of things and couldn’t they just go faster omg what is wrong with me why can’t this just freaking be over yet?”.

When we are living from our conditioning—the subconscious beliefs we were programmed with from birth—we most often are not making choices that reflect our true, authentic core. Especially for those of us with traumatic, abusive, and/or manipulative upbringings.

I knew life could be different, that MY life could be different. There were so many people around me who I could see were living from a place that I couldn’t even fathom—trusting themselves, loving themselves, and being themselves in a way that was effortless and uplifting to everyone around them.

Done with the suffering of victimhood, I embarked on a winding and thrilling search for how to find those aspects of myself and begin living from my authentic core.

Constantly stumbling and falling on my own journey proved to be exactly what I needed. I tried everything and investigated everything from the extremely-way-out-there, to neuroscience, to Buddhist psychology, to Christian and Jewish mysticism, to yogic philosophy (and so much more) that proved to be the beautiful grist needed for the creation of the Heart Wisdom Institute. Through my own trial and error process of personal growth, I’ve discovered that true change lies in our innate power—as well as on a foundation of loving self-worth.

When we believe we can not make changes in our lives—and I knew this feeling well—we can not make those changes. However, I ask you: where did that belief come from?

As children, a big way we learn is through our mirror neurons. Even if someone didn’t directly tell us we were worthless, if our primary caregivers thought this about themselves, we most likely absorbed that as “true” in our lives as well. Children cannot separate themselves as individuals from their parents until between the ages of 9-11.

So if this belief was literally programmed into our brains at a young age—and it’s not true—why are we still running this program as if it were true? Letting it influence our every thought, choice and action?

If we’re hurting, we can change that. If we’re in the flow of our life, we can sustain that. We’re that powerful.

This space is a place for us all to explore our inner landscape, to transcend our false beliefs and choose what kind of beliefs we want to operate from. Remember back in the day when you’d be on a PC and Microsoft Windows hadn’t been updated in forever? And how slow things were, or they’d just straight up crash?

Our brains are similar. Self care is upgrading our subconscious software. It is deciding we are worth it and making every effort to learn how to “program” our minds at will. This is true creation, and it begins within.