Awakening Your Wise Heart

A 5 month Self-Mastery course
January - May 2018

Conscious, personal growth demands the development of mental focus. Expanding and refining our mind/body connection are the foundational skills for Spiritual Evolution and a major step towards Self-Mastery. Learn more...

Podcast: Everyday Enlightenment 

Everyday Enlightenment

Find inspiration, reconnect with your Self, and integrate spiritual principles into your everyday life. As a compassionate pause in our busy lives, these short podcasts aim to spark and reinvigorate the path of the light worker. Learn not only about powerful tools, but how to use them, and begin to see your life transform. 

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Private Sessions

You're looking for a radical shift in your life, a new found perspective that clarifies and amplifies your innate gifts in the world.  This is a deep journey home, connecting you to your core essence as a source of strength and trust you can rely on anytime, anywhere. 

Working with the Integral Compassion framework, learn how to  accurately discern between the truth from your inner-wisdom and your fear based thoughts and reactions. When we understand our selves, we awaken to mastery. Through tapping into your deepest sense of integrity, learning self compassion, love and relearning how to laugh at our selves and the world, welcome yourself home to a joy and clarity like never before. 

Latest Episodes  

Mindfulness leads to introspection.
The truth of who we are is revealed as we are
ready to discover the miracle inside.