Daily Re:Frame Work Practice


For your daily re:framing

The daily re:frame work practice is a tool that supports you in stepping into the drivers seat of your life, consciously choosing and creating what you want via new neural pathways. You’ll learn about the powerful tools you already have at your disposal, waiting to be tapped into. Your go-to practice for unblocking old, false beliefs and overcoming old patterns.

This practice is the backbone of the re:frame work foundations course and is included in that workshop.


2 days of workshop content

journal prompts

2 hypnotic, rewiring meditations

30-60 minutes a day of content + exercises


This course is meant for your continued, daily re:framing and reprogramming practice. For maximum results, do this practice 5-7 days a week for three months, then 2-3 times a week thereafter. After the initial three month reprogramming, use this practice for any new and/or unexpected triggers or patterns that show up. As we decondition our false beliefs, we uncover the next layer waiting to be acknowledged and healed. Onward.

Access anytime that is convenient for you—all you need is your digital device, a quiet space, a journal, and pen.